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YIS Interclasss/Special Olympics Track Meet

This year Yerington Intermediate School held its first interclass track meet, which was also the first Special Olympics event for YIS. Jordan Clements-Fitts was the coordinator through Special Olympics Nevada. Also pictured is Arcane, a local motorcycle group in Yerington. Arcane has very graciously donated money to both the YES and YIS lunch programs, paying all of the unpaid fines. They also donated $400.00 to the YES and YIS CLS program, allowing them to take their students to the Terry Lee Wells Discovery Museum in Reno.

YHS Students to Attend HOSA Internationals

Four Yerington High School Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA) members will be attending HOSA Internationals in Dallas, Texas June 26th to July 1st.  They will be competing in the Outstanding HOSA Chapter Event.  The purpose of the Outstanding HOSA Chapter event is to achieve the goals of HOSA by implementing a plan of work with a focus on the development of leadership skills, career opportunities and service learning among chapter members and to document their achievements in the form of a chapter book. This event is designed to recognize excellence.
HOSA chapter members create a book to record and preserve their events and chapter’s achievements during a single school year. This is a chapter event and the final product will provide a record of your chapter’s achievements.  Chapters earn points for properly documenting chapter activities in the book. Chapters who earn the required number of points are recognized with the Outstanding HOSA Chapter award.

Seniors Visit Elementary Students!

In Fernley and Yerington, high school seniors visited the community's elementary schools.  Both seniors and young ones enjoyed the experience very much!

Team Y.E.S. Contributes to Global Running Day!

The YES fourth grade class has been working diligently to prepare for their Presidential Fitness test, and as luck would have it, their endurance run was scheduled for the same day as Global Running Day.  Rather than just doing their .75 mile run, 61 students and 4 adults came together to for represent our school in the global running community and pledged to run 1 mile.  They ran as Team Y.E.S.!  Not a single student quit – every single one dug deep, gave it their all and crossed the finish line!

A YHS Choir Performance

SV Rotary and Friends of the Library New Logo Contest!

SVS yearbook students finished the year with 9 guests from two clubs in the valley: SV Rotary + SV Friends of the Library. The guests were there to judge logo designs for a pin for Rotary and a new logo for the Friends! Winners will receive cash stipends after club meetings where final decisions will be made.


The Environmental Science class at Dayton High School completed a nine week unit on energy. Materials and lessons were provided by PROJECT RECHARGE.  Peggy Merrell’s students learned about simple circuitry, they designed windmills and wind turbines, worked with solar cells and learned passive heating and cooling. After acquiring Dayton High School energy bills for a full year,  the students calculated the annual energy cost for kilowatt hours. They came up with a number of proposals to save energy.  PROJECT RECHARGE  recognition took place in Reno on May 23,2018. Of the 23 schools presenting, DHS received recognition for BEST DATA COLLECTION. In addition, they are one of three schools whose proposals were selected for application to the Governor’s Office of Energy for possible funding and implementation. 

DHS Visits Tesla!

Dayton High School’s Environmental Science class taught by Mrs. Merrell toured the Tesla Gigafactory.  After completing a unit on renewable energy students had a better understanding of issues facing society and could relate to Tesla’s goals. Not only did students learn from the tour but were also talked to about job opportunities of all levels.

FHS Senior Recognition Program

This school year Fernley High School has implemented a senior recognition program designed to encourage post-secondary plans for their seniors. When seniors have received a letter of acceptance to a college, trade school or military, the student’s name is displayed in the school’s main building to celebrate their plans. The last few weeks of school the names of the students who participated are added to a drawing for prizes (gift cards, shirts, lap tops) donated by the Fernley PTA, UNR, WNC, the Army, Navy, Nevada Army National Guard, FHS and local businesses.
Good luck to all of our graduating seniors as they take on new endeavors! 

SVS Food Science Final

Smith valleys food science class final consisted of a burger cook off. The students were graded on food safety, proper handling, storing and cooking of food, lack of possible cross-contamination, appearance, taste and creativity.

DHS Drama presents The Secret Garden

On May 25th and 26th, Dayton High School Theatre and Drama department presented their spring show, The Secret Garden. Students worked very hard to put this production together and it was a great success!

YIS Drama Presents Aladdin!

Thirty 5th to 8th grade students at Yerington Intermediate School, led by Directors DeeDee and Kasey Kersch, presented the play Aladdin in seven performances to over 1200 students and community members last week. The club was also showcased as the Yerington Theater for the Arts Community Dinner on Thursday night. This is the second production this year and with each production the number of actors and audience members increases. This ever growing club has become a great place for students to showcase their creativity and artistic abilities.

7th Annual Dayton High School Economic Summit

Friday, May 25, 2018 - Social Studies Teacher, Stephanie Fitch and her students hosted the 7th annual Dayton High Economic Summit.  The primary goal of the day is that students have a chance to apply the concepts they have learned in their Economics class, such as supply and demand, global trade, opportunity costs and capitalism.  The secondary goal is that kids practice the “adult” skills of long term project and time management, thinking on their feet and learning from their mistakes.  The day long event is also made possible by alumni of the summit, students who participated in the experience in the previous year, to keep score, manage the bank and determine the winner of the summit.

This year's summit was a “showcase” summit for District staff and other Economics teachers throughout the District as they look to bring this educational and eventful tool to moe students in LCSD.  That being said, it took Mrs. Fitch and the students a little more time to prep - roughly 7 weeks as …