The Environmental Science class at Dayton High School completed a nine week unit on energy. Materials and lessons were provided by PROJECT RECHARGE.  Peggy Merrell’s students learned about simple circuitry, they designed windmills and wind turbines, worked with solar cells and learned passive heating and cooling. After acquiring Dayton High School energy bills for a full year,  the students calculated the annual energy cost for kilowatt hours. They came up with a number of proposals to save energy.  PROJECT RECHARGE  recognition took place in Reno on May 23,2018. Of the 23 schools presenting, DHS received recognition for BEST DATA COLLECTION. In addition, they are one of three schools whose proposals were selected for application to the Governor’s Office of Energy for possible funding and implementation. 

Hailey Celedon, Peggy Merrell, Alexis Miller, Alex Nevin and Matthew McGifford.


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