Lego Robotics!

Lego Robotics recently held its competition for grades 4th through 8th grade at Eagle Valley Middle School in Carson City.

Riverview Elementary School (RES) had three teams compete:
Crooked Gears
Soaring Lego Robotic Pieces
Fluffy Narwhals

Dayton Intermediate School (DIS) sent their team, D.I.R.T (Dayton Intermediate Robotics Team)

Silverland Middle School (SMS) sent the Guardians of the Bricks!

Crooked Gears from RES,  D.I.R.T from DIS and Guardians of the Bricks from SMS were invited to the next competition that will be held in Reno on January 27, 2018!

All teams had to give 3 presentations in the morning to judges they did not know. The presentations were as follows:
Community project
CORE values
How the robot was programmed and why

The afternoon was the robot competition where each team programmed their robot to perform certain tasks for points.

Justin Wass from Silver Springs Middle School was nominated by his team for Outstanding Coach and was presented the award in front of all the teams.

Guardians of the Brick also won 2nd place for the Robot Performance Award.

Congratulations and good luck to all!


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