Microsoft President Makes Personal Visit to 7th Grade Fernley Student


Fernley, NV, August 16, 2017– During the 2016-17 school year, Ken Jordan, 7th grade math teacher at Silverland Middle School, assigned a project to his students that incorporates math into the real world.  With the project, students were tasked with following a company and its performance in the stock market.  Sky Yi, one of Jordan's students, chose Microsoft and did so primarily because of his and many kids' interest in the Xbox.  The culmination of the project required the students to research the companies' executives and write a letter to one of them.  Yi wrote a letter addressed to "Bradford L. Smith," the company’s president.  The contents of the letter were as follows:
"My math teacher is making me write this letter to a business that we like.  Of course, I picked Microsoft since you guys manufacture every spoiled, squeaky little teen or child’s favorite thing – the Xbox.  Also, you guys have awesome computer software and hardware.  In fact, I’m typing this on Microsoft Word.  We were studying stocks by the way and you guys did good on the rate.  I know this letter won’t be opened by you on the spot since I’m sure you guys get millions of letters, so what makes mine special?  I bet whoever is getting this letter, whether it be your secretary or what not, is probably just throwing this away or something like that.  It was nice at least to write a letter to such a big company.  Keep up the good work running that company and get the money rolling in.  Sincerely, Sky Yi”
Smith made the effort to make this visit as personal as possible for Yi as he and the company believe “that middle school math is a game changer” and can make the difference in students’ success in the future.  Lyon County School District and Silverland Middle School staff and administration, Yi’s family and the Fernley community as a whole were very excited to have Smith in their backyard and supporting their educational efforts.  The following is a link to the production created by Microsoft during their visit in Fernley:   

The photo is Sky Yi walking the halls of 7th grade math at Silverland Middle School with Brad Smith.


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