Ms. Peggy Merrell, a teacher at Dayton High School attended the 24th annual summer session of the Maury Project Workshop offered in Annapolis, MD at the U.S. Naval Academy.  Peggy was one of 24 teachers from 17 states and one from attend this educational workshops for science educators.

The Maury Project Workshop is named in honor of Navy Lt. Matthew Fontaine Maury,
who lived from 1806 until 1873 and is considered to be the founder of physical oceanography.  The Project is designed to give an in-depth study of various oceanographic and meteorological subjects including waves, tides, density and wind-driven oceanographic circulations and ocean-atmosphere interactions. The workshop equips teachers with training and teaching materials that can be used in their classrooms. 

Dr. David Smith, retired professor and former chairman of the Naval Academy
oceanography department, and Ms. Wendy Abshire, Education Director of the American
Meteorological Society, served as the co-directors of this summer's workshop. Speakers
featured in the workshop included oceanographers and senior scientists from the National Oceanic
and Atmospheric Administration, the University of Maryland at College Park, NASA Goddard
Space Flight Program and the United States Navy.

Check out the pictures from Peggy's trip!


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